In the recent wake of numerous terrorist attacks, it seems as if the Western world is losing the battle against extremist groups such as ISIS. The recent attacks in Paris and Brussels have certainly rocked the world, and has led to an escalation of the refugee crisis in Europe. Personally, although the refugee process in … More Terror.

The Campaign

As more and more states are voting in caucus’, we are finally beginning to get a picture of who the Democratic and Republican nominees will be! For the Republican Primary, Donald Trump continues to win states, but Ted Cruz is not too far behind. On the Democratic side, while Hillary Clinton holds a small margin … More The Campaign


Hi Y’all, Thanks for taking the time to stop by! I’m starting this blog as a placeĀ for young people to be able to share insights and thoughts on current events going on in the world. I’ll be updating quite regularly, with topics such as the upcoming presidential election, as well as essentially any major happenings … More Howdy!